Currently, from AT&T

Building identity and awareness of a new product.


In early 2020, AT&T wanted to launch a new email product to their users. When I first met with them about the initiative, they only had a logo, but no identity to associate with it. We needed to figure out a way to consistently educate users about the new product, while building trust in the brand, ultimately enticing them to sign up.


Creative direction, Branding, Animation, UI/UX, Web, Drupal, CSS/HTML

Look and Feel

I lead the creative effort to build the visual expression of the brand. Mixing lifestyle and UI, we brought a utilitarian product like email to life.

Winning Users

I created numerous ad creatives, including an animated promo that engages users who pause content on their Smart TV devices. Analytics showed that this placement, along with the corresponding landing page was extremely effective, with over 65% of traffic clicking through to the buy flow.