Improving campaign and experimentation platforms


Knowledge is power. As with any great strategy, key insight and data play an integral part of executing with success. At Intuit, developing hypotheses based on analytical data is one piece of the puzzle. Putting that hypothesis to the test is where any idea can prove its worth or shortcomings. As the lone XD resource across two internal products, I worked to understand and improve existing processes, frustrations, and opportunities to help make experimentation and targeting easier and quicker.


Lead Product Designer for Intuit Experimentation Platform and Campaign Manager

Incorporating Design Thinking

I needed to understand a lot of information and functionality quickly. I documented existing flows and interactions within both products, asking essential questions from an unbiased vantage point. What are these products? How and why do they exist mutually and exclusively? How are users currently leveraging them? How can my time be maximized across concurrent efforts? In a business unit dominated by engineers, it was an opportunity to introduce design thinking into the equation.

Intuit UX user flows

Every effort began strategically. Distilling requirements and objectives down from a general overview into the fine details, mapping out core concepts of how, where, and when to guide the user. Early flowcharts and wireflows guided team sessions as we could pin point where technical hurdles would arise and brainstorm solutions with the user at the forefront. This allowed us to explore various concepts without getting bogged down in the weeds.

Validating the solution

Interactive prototypes drove unified vision for each new design. They allowed us to give our users a true sample of what was coming during usability testing. We then assessed feedback from the users to help make decisions that benefited the company from all angles.

Launching a new design

Under the IXP initiative, we soft-launched of a fully redesigned version of the platform in early 2021. As part of the transition, we conducted follow-me-home sessions to watch and listen to users interact with the new platform and perform their typical tasks. The feedback has been extremely positive and we are expecting a full migration later this year.

ixp redesign