The Cut

The Cut

A Bitcoin fantasy sports platform


The Cut was a very small team with a highly ambitious game plan. We aimed to create a fantasy sports service utilizing bitcoin as the currency. I was the sole designer and front end developer on the account and we had a very short timeframe to get to launch.


Total Design & Front End Development


We wanted a brand that felt engaging and fun. We went with a vibrant neon and bolt to zap excitement into it.

branding design sports app
Icon / Badge Style
icon set design system
ui ux design badges design system

Wireframes and Prototyping

In order to realize where we wanted to take the product, it was important to test our designs early and often. Utilizing the Bootstrap framework and various APIs, I was able to quickly put together test builds that the team could click around through.

The Interface Design

We kept the interface exciting, utilizing our color palette and fun icon and badge styles to add a gamification feel to the experience.

ui ux design mobile sports app